Monday, December 27, 2010

7 Secrets To Top Search Engine Rankings (Yes, Even #1 Positions!) For SEO Dummies

There's hope for the 'little guys' in the

search engine ranking game, even if they

can't tell the difference between the title

and keyword meta tag!

You can achieve high rankings for important

keywords simply by applying certain rules

that stand the test of time and even

technology...and the number one rule is

really to...

...Help the search engines provide relevant

search results!

How do you do this? I'll reveal the

'secrets' soon.

While I'm far from being an SEO (Search

Engine Optimization) expert and am just

sharing experiences here, I've achieved

some phenomenal results by following these

basic rules and without resorting to

'tricks'. Importantly, these are rankings

that last.

- side note -

I'm not suggesting you shouldn't learn

about SEO or use genuine software that

helps, in fact you should.

To learn about SEO, some sites you can

check out: : shows you

how to construct your webpages and submit

them to hundreds of search engines and

directories absolutely FREE. :

everything you need to know related to

search engines.

For software to facilitate your website

positioning, this one's the best:

- end side note -

For example (at this time of writing), here

are my rankings for in

Yahoo alone (remember these are extremely

competitive keywords):

'Make money online' | rank: #1 of 33.9

million sites Proof:

'Make money' | rank: #27 of 85.4 million

sites Proof:

'Web marketing' | rank: #4 of 113 million

sites Proof:

'Web marketing tips' | rank: #6 of 10.2

million sites Proof:

How did I achieve such incredible rankings

without being some SEO guru or even

obsessively optimizing my site?

Recall the number one rule? It's to help

the search engines provide relevant search


Now I honestly believe there are only two

MAIN things which support this rule and in

the process, reward your website with the

high rankings you desire.

These two things are Keyword Rich Content

and Targeted Back Links which we'll talk

about later...

Here then are 7 powerful secrets you can

use to model your website after to explode

your high search engine rankings!

Step 1: Determine Highly Searched Keywords

Determine highly searched and targeted

keywords/keyword phrases related to your

site and put them into a list. Here're the

tools to use: : compares results of keyword searches

from Overture and Wordtracker and displays

them side by side. :

allows you to find relevant hot keywords

with a single click...very cool very useful. : excellent

software to find targeted keywords in

Overture and various other engines.

Step 2: Register Keyword Rich Domain Names

While there've been contrasting arguments

about whether having keywords in your

domain helps, I strongly feel it does. The

same goes for dashes between words in the


Use these to source for domain name ideas:

You can also register your domains for

peanuts per year here:

Step 3: Use Your Targeted Keywords In Your Copy

Use the list of keywords in step 1 within

your website copy, especially in the title,

headline and first paragraph. The important

thing is to make them flow smoothly within

the context of the copy so prospects will

not find it weird.

Step 4: Insert Keyword Rich Relevant Content

Next, build up your site's content with

relevant topics containing your keywords.

Don't worry, here are some ways to get

instant content:

- Posting suitable articles that contain

your keywords. These can either be your

own or from article directories like , or

- Posting newsletter issues in an archive

online if you write any

- Do reviews and commentaries on related

products and services in your market as


Step 5: Aggressively Acquire Targeted Back Links

This is the second most important (some say

it's the first) factor to note after

targeted and relevant content.

Get as many good quality incoming links

from other sites as you can, believe me,

this will really make a huge difference to

your rankings. These links should come from

sites in your market and preferably those

with high PageRanks of 5 and above.

Use to

search for sites with top rankings in

Google for your specified keyword/keyword

phrases. It also reveals their individual

PageRanks next to their listings.

An excellent resource to check PageRank can

also be found at

Alternatively, you can download Alexa

toolbar from as it also

shows Alexa traffic ranking for any site.

This is very useful for seeking high

traffic link partners.

If you are looking for mind-blowing linking

strategies and tricks, the best guide I've

ever seen must be "Power Linking 2:

Evolution" at:

Step 6: Hand Submit Your Site To The Top

Directories and Search Engines

There's no point in using those 'submit to

millions' services as only a few search

engines really matter.

Using those services may actually cause

your site to be penalized by these major


In fact if you've done enough important

reciprocal linkings, you don't even need to

submit your sites as spiders which crawl

your link partner sites (already indexed)

will pick up your link easily.

However, if you must submit, do it by hand

at these directories and search engines


Ask Jeeves:



Open Directory:



All The Web:


Step 7: Tune Your Site For Maximum Optimization

The final step would be to constantly

monitor and analyze your website traffic

against rankings. This is so you can review

and tweak for further improvement in your


I hope this article will prove highly

useful to you. Do not be scare away by SEO,

it's simple once you follow the above

system. While these steps are not

everything you can do, it'll be enough to

get your site ranked very well for the

targeted keywords you chose.

Again, remember the number one rule of

giving relevant content and establishing

good back links. Help the search engines

provide relevant results for their

customers and your rankings will

automatically skyrocket to the top!

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